When Luck Decides To Re-Enter

Scrollback Reintroduction (20 August 2014)

On 20th August GLUG PACE organised C Programming contest for 166 students who entered the prelims. The valuation for the prelims, was a time consuming manual process. There are 20 minutes time frame, which was engaged at the last moment by me. To my luck, I had a supporting hardware, and a robust internet connection! Something which wasn’t available for the last attempt.

My introduction started with the Invite PDF mailed to everyone. Reintroduction was initiated later when we, used the top down approach to reach the shores of Scrollback.

I eventually covered all the topics I missed the last time. Since I started from the scrollback.io website. I used the tiny github bookmark to emphasize on the fact that Scollback is a part of FOSS. Later proceeded to the Live demonstration of the UI (that was untouched last time). And final moment I used the time to explain how to embed scrollback room to websites and blog ( priynag’s blog was used as the example ).

Thanks to the time frame and the necessary hardware, I was satisfied with my (completely unprepared) presentation a bit more than the last time.

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Till next time: (Py Workshop) Bytestruck’14. Peace.


Scollback introduction (18th August 2014)

GLUG was officially announced at our campus on 18 August, at IGNITE. Being the Vice-President of GLUG, I was bound to deliver atleast one talk. Initially I had the option to take up, The Free Paradigm (Adapted from Vikram Vincent). But the last minute changes this topic got replaced, by the Chief guest. I instead took the 15 minute frame to talk about Scrollback.

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Personally I was not satisfied with my on stage introduction to scrollback. I missed out on important points like, Scrollback being a part of FOSS, Organisations that use Scrollback etc. Compared to the HackerEarth demonstration done by Sai Kiran Hegde. I realised that my demonstration was not resourceful.

We had decided in the begining that we will collect the email addresses of all the students present in the Inaugral function. I personally designed the Invite PDF where I mentioned relevent information of Scrollback, which can be found here.

Scrollback and SCA


The Scrollback Campus Ambassador (SCA) program was introduced to me (and few of my college-mates) in the FSMK Summer Camp. Scrollback was the camps official messaging client. I used it extensively when I found any of the sessions boring.

Initial Expressions:

Plain and minimalist approach towards the user interface, a clean-cut win-win situation. The user-interface(both onsite and embedded) are most easy to get used to. Knowingly, I’ve never used IRC before in my life. scrollback was the first and aesthetically pleasing one. They do say that Scrollback works on mobile browsers quite smoothly. But on a 2G network where carriers don’t give more than 15kbps of bandwidth, Scrollback is not the best online web messaging platform to use. To our luck, the founders have confirmed that, there are native apps(Android and iOS) already in the works.

The Scrollback Campus Ambassador Programme:

I was probably one of the most inactive member of my college’s GLUG. Unlike others I wasn’t in any full-time project or something that was beyond my (outdated) engineering circularum. The moment this programme’s was announced by Vignesh(from FSMK). I was obviously attracted by the offerings. We were supposed to fill some sort of application form. I was one of the lucky one to be selected for this program (though I had this feeling that the application was not the most attractive one they would ever read). Later stage we were notified to select the sub fields we wished to work in. To my comfort I choose PR and Marketing, with Blogging. I skipped coding and 

What Scrollback means to me:

Since day one, scrollback remains to be a better looking IRC. How it is different from IRC? I’m convinced that it is a Micro-Forum(a new segment in community communication), that will soon replace Forums type of community communication. Personally I like the fact that one can embed a scrollback room to any website. The best of all, Scrollback is Free and Open Source. Repository to which is available on github. Hence doesn’t interfere with the Free Software Foundation’s philosophy.

Current Activities:

The reason this post was late, was simple troubleshooting with Scrollback and WordPress.com. After a lot of research I realized that WordPress.com doesn’t allow javascript within the HTML code. So plans for having a chat-like interface is postponed till this blog becomes self hosted. We(me and my fellow SCA’s on campus) have decided for a chat room for our college and one for my blog. Further I am planning to introduce Scrollback at a GLUG event “IGNITE” (On 18th August 2014). To give everyone a glimpse of what Scrollback is, and what Scrollback means for the FOSS and FSF.