Why maintaining a community in India, a completely different uncharted process?

I’ve been a member of multiple communities, been a community manager or some communities as well. Namely, FSMK for some time, Fountain pen india group for some time which was more disappointing, GLUG for a very long time.

From my experience, here are some reasons why,

First of all, Indian’s have the very awesome tendency to go off-topic. It can start from unnecessary this-to-that conversation, or discussing about a past irreversible failure incident, or showing dominance over other member using some not community related topics. A community in general may not be comprised of like minded professional members, but it doesn’t mean that they span out of community.

Secondly, the sense of favouritism in a community. The main reason why most of the successful communities have community mangers and not a community manager is to cancel out the sense of favouritism. Discrimination for violation of community norms of any sort should be independent of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age, in no particular order. It doesn’t matter if you live in London or were unable to find vegetarian food in Scandinavia (because of your poor googling skills) or you just happen to accidentally send a wrong rejection mail or even if you have worked for 20 or 0 years.

Finally the members themselves should participate with the motive to be a hindrance to the growth of the “community”. A successful community has members that put in their effort for the community setting aside their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, physical or mental disability, or age. For any instance if they do get offended by something that wasn’t even of their concern, they should have enough wisdom to ignore or settle the matter outside the confinement of the community.

Moderation could solve most of them, but it cripples the concept of free will. How ever if it is a Indian community, Best if it is heavily moderated(personal recommendation).

Please do join the Fountain Pen India Scrollback room at : https://scrollback.io/fountainpenindia

Please do comment your thoughts, specially if you are community manager, tell me how do you deal with the pesky members in your community!

Sahil Satishkumar logging out.


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