3 reasons to (un)switch to (or away from) a Blackberry

Recently I “Made the switch to BlackBerry 10” with the old but still the bold, Blackberry Q5. I don’t think a review or hands on is quite necessary but, I could definitely write something on its good and bad bits.

1. Keyboard

02-blackberry-q5-150513Be it the physical or on-screen, Blackberry has nailed the keyboard, And you guys know it better how important keyboard is to me. The BlackBerry Q5 has a physical keyboard, which is on par with the top spec Q10 and the crazy Porsche P’9983. On the on-screen side however, I only have the hands on experience and 99.99% of the reviews are positive. When you have the best keyboard, ofcourse you will see a fair amount of increase in productivity.

2. Email

Blackberry is the pro option when it comes to email. There is a reason why corporate employees are hooked with Blackberry (at least in the past decade). The native mail client, which can manage multiple accounts, is faster than the Android counterparts. It is like using the web client itself. There is always a 30 seconds or more delay for a new email to pop up, in the Android clients.

3. True productivity

BlackBerry 10 OS has the best pre-installed Office suite that can easily handle all your documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You cannot create new presentations but you can edit existing ones. The document editor and the spreadsheet editor are the best on a handheld device. It easily beats the Microsoft Suite by Microsoft for Android and QuickOffice by Google for Android. Apart from the Office Suite there are true productivity applications like Evernote.

Apart from the good bits there are some major reasons why you should stay miles away from BlackBerry! And here are the top 3 reasons to hate BlackBerry:

1. Battery Life

BlackBerry have a tiny battery span of around 6 hours moderate to heavy usage, before you need to start pour juice into the sealed battery. Apart from which, most of the BlackBerry models now have a sealed battery with no option to swap them. So either get ready to carry your charger everywhere or invest on a decent power bank.

2. Applications

I know that most of the reviews will conclude that, “Hey BlackBerry has the best of three different ecosystems”. But the truth is, it’s just BlackBerry and Android apk(s). BlackBerry OS 10 can handle its own “made-for-Blackberry” applications flawlessly, but the APKs don’t share the same story. It’s like running an application on a Virtual Machine on the desktops. But the issue is Android sends something called as “notifications” to the User Interface, that doesn’t quite fit in the Blackberry Hub.

3. Camera

With camera I mean the choice of camera optics is quite poor, The camera software is excellent, But optics are poor. It takes decent shots but excellent ones.

If you can get away with the cons, if you are okay with the battery life, APKs, Camera. And if your prime objective of using a phone has to do with Emails, Keyboards and Extreme productivity Blackberry is your way to go.

Sahil Satishkumar logging out.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

P.S.: Audio solutions coming next.


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