5 Unspoken Rules of Technology

The Internet world gives each one of its users the opportunity to communicate with each other, with an invisible wall of safety. With the identities of the users being concealed, Internet has now become quite a challenging space for new users. With more and more users coming online, and companies like Facebook and google targeting the next billion users, I’d like to mention some of the most annoying parts of the internet.

1. Interactions: Interactions can be messaging, commenting, posting, replying back emails, or any other form of exchanging information digitally! Before you press that send/post/comment/submit button, read the content and evaluate, if that would be your reply if the person was right in front of you. Rude or Friendly, If the content is something that you’d say it to the person’s face, post it, else just don’t.

2. Social networking: Let me get this straight, i’m not talking about Facebook, google plus, twitter or Instagram here. I’m actually talking about meeting real people, when you do so. Make sure that your intent is to meet that person and not to see your phone a thousand times, when you’re around them.

3. Obey, or at least try to obey the Rules and Regulations: There might be be some restrictions for usage of phones in places like hospitals, Gas stations, Schools, Air planes etc. Obey them. Don’t take such indications for granted. Don’t make a habit of ignoring such important warnings. And of course, DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONES WHILE DRIVING. Not because its forbidden by law, because you should know that you are endangering your life and other’s valuable life. It applies to you no matter you’re on a public/private road, No matter what your social status is, or if you’re Lewis Hamilton or just a learner. Just don’t be a jerk!

4. Don’t take others privacy for granted: We all must have encountered a situation when we had access to friend’s login. You might know the password, pattern or maybe your friend just forgot to log out from the browser. Now the curious mind might ask you to check out some things that you’re not supposed to, like maybe emails, messages, photos, etc. But it’s best to just control your curiosity and respect their privacy.

In an event when you are forced to do something like that, say unlock the phone and make a call, or maybe open the gallery to check out the selfie that you just clicked. It’ll be polite if you could just give them a heads up that you used their login/pattern. Treat other privacy the way, you want others to deal with yours.

5. Respect technology, but don’t make it a priority: I use a BlackBerry, and Linux systems. Most of my friends use Android and Windows systems. I don’t comment on their choice, and they don’t comment on mine. Linux works for me, Windows works for them. I like Macintosh’s/Ubuntu’s UI and OS as of whole, and my friends are comfortable with Window’s offerings. We respect the choices what people make for themselves. It’s not polite to comment that “Eww! You use a Micromax” “Damn!? Ubuntu? How do you even use it?”. It’s however polite to pass an optimistic opinion, like say “Hey I see you deal with various media content, Why don’t you try VLC instead of QuickTime?”.

Finally, Technology is important. But it’s not so important that you have to prioritise it. If a smartphone fits your usage, fine get one, if it doesn’t, It’s okay to switch back to the old Blackberry or Symbian phones. Wanna date someone out? Wish a special one on a birthday? Greet them personally or call them up. You don’t have to send a retarded Facebook message or Instagram post.

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This is Sahil Satishkumar logging out.

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