WhatsApp Web – Initial Impressions

Few days back (January 21st, 2015) and I did start using the web version of WhatsApp (I’m sure most of you did.) Honestly it’s too early to evaluate WhatsApp Web. So I would like to share my initial impressions on WhatsApp Web.

The service works extra ordinarily well if you understand it well. Because this is a Web App it will work on all systems (hopefully) if you have Google Chrome for your Operating System. I’ve tried it on Ubuntu 14.10 and Mac OS X 10.10.1! Works fine with both of them.

[Personal Note: Probably the first post where I wanted to post screen shots but I couldn’t! For obvious reasons.]

For you to use WhatsApp Web you should be running on the latest version of the WhatsApp Messenger. Your phone should be connected to the Wi-Fi for a strong connection (During the construction of this post).

The steps for connection are interestingly simple. I personally recommend users to use WhatsApp Web on Chrome only if you yourself are logged in or in incognito mode, Specially if your personal computer is used by others.

– Just head on to http://web.whatsapp.com

– Scan the QR code from the WhatsApp Messenger. (Menu>WhatsApp Web)

– Depending on how fast your internet connection is, you’ll be logged in to your WhatsApp Account.

Straight away the design is pure representation of what Material design should be on Web Apps and Websites. The left narrow pane is the conversation list. Where as the right broad pane is the conversation list. From the Web App itself the status and the profile picture of the user and other users are visible.

Out of the box, the implementation is superb. This is somewhat heading in the right direction. The material design is responsive as always. The notification arrives quite quickly. There is option to mute notifications permanently or for a time period.

Few things I personally hate about WhatsApp Web and should or could be taken care of immediately will be as follows:

  • WhatsApp Web still doesn’t solve the “Multi-login” option that I want. Even if the WhatsApp Messenger device is switched off WhatsApp Web should be usable! (But it implements Multi-login in some way)

  • The phone has to be connected to the Wi-Fi network ,3G network doesn’t count in a strong connection.

  • You cannot edit WhatsApp Messenger’s setting like the notification sounds or changing profile pictures or status’s even though the software works in full sync with the WhatsApp Messenger.

  • You don’t have the option to archive messages or you don’t have the option to or an extra list of the archived conversations. (I personally have a large sect of people/Groups for whom I’m like “I don’t have time for this S#it”. *Conversation Archived.*)

  • You don’t have the option to download profile pictures (it matters a lot to some people)

Will surely keep you guys posted on WhatApp web for future updates.

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